MyProtein – Preworkout and Whey Isolate Protein Review

I’m on my second 11 pound bag of MyProtein’s Impact Whey Isolate so I figured it’s as good a time as any to complete a review of the product. I also just grabbed a tub of their MyPre preworkout, so I’ll talk a bit about both in this article.


With supplements, packaging and presentation doesn’t mean much or matter really. These came in a basic cardboard box and as you can see from the pictures the protein is in a large bag with a zipper and the preworkout is in a small tub. As I mentioned earlier, the protein powder is an 11lb bag, but it also comes in 5.5lb and 2.2lb options. The preworkout is a 1.1lb tub and that’s the only option (said to last for 30 servings).

The bag of protein is plenty durable and it does come with a scoop inside for easy portioning. The preworkout tub is just like any other tub and it also comes with a scoop for easy portioning.


Impact Whey Isolate Protein

The reason I came across this protein was because I was looking for an isolate powder that was pretty much only protein. I’m no expert in the different types of whey, so if you want a more thorough explanation I suggest you head over to Michael Matthews Muscle for Life site and read his take.

Now that you are back from that protein detour and much more knowledge, let’s continue. This vanilla flavored whey isolate is 96% protein, which I’d say is pretty good.

MyPre Preworkout

The ingredients list for this preworkout is pretty long, but not terribly lengthy, so I won’t dive into all the details of this one. It does have all the standard required ingredients like caffeine, creatine, etc.

Taste and Impact

Impact Whey Isolate Protein

This powder is super light and scoops easily. The taste (I got the vanilla one) is great and it mixes well with pretty much anything… I’ve used water, cashew milk, almond milk, protein milk and even put it in smoothies with fruits, yogurt and milk. I would definitely recommend mixing this with a blender bottle or some type of blender/mixer as it is a pain to completely dissolve by mixing with a utensil.

I’ve been using this protein for a while now and it has been a great supplement to ensure I’m getting enough protein in my diet, whether it’s during a cut, bulk or maintain period.

MyPre Preworkout

This preworkout blends alright with water, but not all the particles mix well. I end up usually having to add more water once I get to the end. I have tried to blend this into my morning smoothie, but it just muddied up the taste of the smoothie. I did choose the green apple flavor, which was probably not an ideal decision after checking out other opinions on their site. It seems that most flavor options (outside of maybe watermelon) are a bit strong for the recommended amount of water.

This preworkout is one of the better options I’ve tried. It provides me with good energy and I don’t feel any sort of crashing sensation after my workout. I tend to take this about 30 minutes before hand, which works well for me, but it’s going to depend how much you take and your tolerance to caffeine, etc. I’m definitely going to try a different flavor next time, but other than that, no complaints so far.


This was the main reason that I ended up on in the first place. For the amount of product that you get, the prices are excellent. By buying an 11lb bag of protein powder I am getting significant cost savings over many other options. While I’m not married to the preworkout because of the taste, the price is at least comparable to any other options and it seems to work well.

Final Thoughts

While I’ll try other protein powder options in the future, I anticipate that I will continue to come back to this as a go to option because of the quality, taste and price. As for the preworkout, I’ll try other flavors, but I’ll also switch to other preworkouts to see what else works well. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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